Take a look at some of our projects in the gallery, see what we get up to when it’s not all work in extra-curricular, and brace yourself for some of the horrors we come across in the hall of shame.

Some of Our Work

Daylight Dimming

Just a little example of a popular specification in lighting controls – daylight dimming of the window row. Here we have set the DALI lights […]

The full works at Hull Venue

This year Morban have worked on a number of high profile projects for Ex-Or lighting, none more so than the prestigious Hull Venue (now called […]

It’s Xmas @ The Trafford Centre

Exciting day at intu Trafford Centre Manchester for the annual Xmas light switch on! Morban are proud to support this prestigious mall’s large Dynalite system […]

Not going to be missed today!

It’s the full high vis effect today, commissioning at Hinkley Point C for Whitecroft Lighting.

Welcome to my office

Nothing like setting up a temporary desk on a building site. Morban are pleased to be commissioning ExOr lighting controls in the beautiful town of […]

Opus Multiroom

Just a quick pic of a Opus multi-room system after we had reworked it. See what we started with…

Full Residential Service

Some examples of how Morban can offer a complete package for your residential install, including lighting, CCTV, door entry, TV & sound. Usually this will […]

Dining in Style

Setting the mood in your restaurant is key to customer satisfaction. Morban take the time to set the lighting scene just as you want it, […]

Colours of the Rainbow

Undeniably the most popular way to add ‘wow’ factor to an install is the addition of RGB colour change fittings. Most fittings can produce a […]

Hotel Extraordinaire

Hotels are made or broken by how welcoming they feel, and good lighting design is key. Take a look at some of these examples that […]

Extra Curricular Activities

Frugal Horn Mk III

To complement my recent amplifier build I needed a pair of speakers and settled on this design, Frugal Horn Mk III’s. I settled on them because there […]

Light Movement Video

With the crew (Alan Smith, Emma Farnell-Watson, Rick Melling, Gary Morgan, Marc Meier, Chole Rosser & Cecelia Turrell) gathered, the filming is set to run […]

Modulus-86 Power Amp

My Chip Amp 2017 Stereo Modulus-86 Rev 2.1 Power Amplifier Build Like most I guess, my listening habits see convenience win out, listening to music […]

Kinelume MKII

With the resurrection of the Kinelume Alan was inspired to create a video to fit in the Light/Movement piece. As such he needed the Kinelume […]

Kinelume Mk I

Owning a company that specialises in lighting control, I was put in touch with Alan, an artist seeking the repair of a lighting controller he […]

Hall of Shame

Solid Connections

So the connector block was for what exactly?

Well Watered

And the RCBO keeps tripping why?

Poor coverage

Sensor here mounted directly above a light fitting. Reports of ‘poor coverage’!


I believe the principle of ‘dual redundancy’ has been deployed here. First time for everything…

The budget range

A very real example of why cheaper is not always the wisest choice.

4 Button Scene Panel

No problem! Are they doorbell pushers?

Leaving it slack

Just a little slack left in these cables then…

A case for lighting control

So what is wrong with just having a light switch then?

When more is less

Just a few LED power supplies and 1-10V drivers. Believe it or not this was for one room in a residential project.