Take a look at some of our projects in the gallery, see what we get up to when it’s not all work in extra-curricular, and brace yourself for some of the horrors we come across in the hall of shame.

Some of Our Work


A Dynalite installation still going strong 20 years on

A little example here of the longevity of Dynalite equipment when an installation is properly maintained. This installation at The New Art Gallery Walsall has […]


A Mercedez Benz dealership built to impress

A recent project for Whitecroft Lighting at LSH Auto’s new Mercedez Benz dealership in Stockport. Whitecroft’s COMD controls provided granular scene setting for the showroom […]

Alliance MBS

Alliance Manchester Business School

A nice job for Ex-Or lighting at the recently opened Alliance Manchester Business School. Morban have been involved with commissioning of SceneSelect II controls in […]


Sutherland Building – Northumbria Uni

Morban recently supplied and commissioned lighting controls for Integral Ltd at The Sutherland Building on the Northumbria Uni campus. Dynalite and Helvar lighting controls were […]


Devour Restaurant – EXOR

Devour Restaurant in Holmfirth. Commissioning for EXOR. Lighting the restaurant with Scene Select controls. Working closely with the owners to provide the perfect ambience to […]


Lighting Up the Print Room

Nice little project for Hacel lighting, commissioning Helvar controls in Gateshead Council’s print room. A tidy install using a Helvar 910 router, a number of […]


A Grand Cru Restaurant

Commissioning for Ex-Or lighting at a new Grand Cru restaurant in Birkenshaw. DALI addressable fittings with SceneSelect II controls. Some nice RGBW LED coffer lighting […]

Indigo Hotel – Manchester

Indigo Hotel – Manchester – Ex-Or Lighting Ex-Or’s SceneSelect II controls with new SADPE interface & touchscreen. Addressable DALI in the Bar, Restaurant, Café, Lobby […]

LED Dimming with iLight

A long running project in this hotel restaurant highlighted some of the pitfalls of dimming retrofit LEDs. Morban were asked to replace a failed dimming […]

Daylight Dimming

Just a little example of a popular specification in lighting controls – daylight dimming of the window row. Here we have set the DALI lights […]

Extra Curricular Activities

Frugal Horn Mk III

To complement my recent amplifier build I needed a pair of speakers and settled on this design, Frugal Horn Mk III’s. I settled on them because there […]

Light Movement Video

With the crew (Alan Smith, Emma Farnell-Watson, Rick Melling, Gary Morgan, Marc Meier, Chole Rosser & Cecelia Turrell) gathered, the filming is set to run […]

Modulus-86 Power Amp

My Chip Amp 2017 Stereo Modulus-86 Rev 2.1 Power Amplifier Build Like most I guess, my listening habits see convenience win out, listening to music […]

Kinelume MKII

With the resurrection of the Kinelume Alan was inspired to create a video to fit in the Light/Movement piece. As such he needed the Kinelume […]

Kinelume Mk I

Owning a company that specialises in lighting control, I was put in touch with Alan, an artist seeking the repair of a lighting controller he […]

Hall of Shame


Secure and safe, or not…

We felt this was only our duty to flag up, a HV switch room door unsecured in a public area. To say nothing of the […]


Open to the Elements

It might be redundant, but this distribution board definitely shouldn’t of been left open to the elements!

Solid Connections

So the connector block was for what exactly?

Well Watered

And the RCBO keeps tripping why?

Poor coverage

Sensor here mounted directly above a light fitting. Reports of ‘poor coverage’!


I believe the principle of ‘dual redundancy’ has been deployed here. First time for everything…

The budget range

A very real example of why cheaper is not always the wisest choice.

4 Button Scene Panel

No problem! Are they doorbell pushers?

Leaving it slack

Just a little slack left in these cables then…