Supporting & maintaining your lighting control system to exceed its design life with the minimal of fuss.

Whatever your requirement, we can provide a ongoing support service to suit. Whether it be responsive support calls or routine maintenance, Morban will offer a bespoke quote every time. Of course, we always recommend routine maintenance visits as the most reliable and cost-effective solution. Much like servicing a car, little and often is a lot better than infrequent and expensive!

Some examples of our service offerings:

Scheduled Maintenance Visits

Many of our customers opt for regular maintenance visits, usually 2-4 times a year. A regular visit mean the general health of your lighting control system can be monitored, any potential failure points identified early and those small issues or little ‘tweeks’ to the configuration can be efficiently dealt with in a single visit.

Responsive Maintenance Contracts

For customers with smaller systems that maybe don’t require too much upkeep the option of responsive contracts can be more popular. Typically in this arrangement a number of days a year will be kept ‘in hand’ and if/when an issue does pop up, we’ll get an engineer booked in to see you at the soonest availability.

Remote Access & Configuration

Often combined with other maintenance packages, Morban can in some cases setup remote access to your lighting control network. Arranging remote access can mean a speedier response time, possible problem resolution without engineer attendance & most importantly, the ability to start diagnosing an issue and preparing the right parts as required. Remote access is most readily implemented with Philips Dynalite products but can also be enabled for most systems with a PC ‘head end’.

Spares & Repairs

Morban can both supply and install replacement components for your system on demand. We also have a number of in-house products available, take a look in the shop.

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