Kinelume Mk I

Kinelume Mk I

Owning a company that specialises in lighting control, I was put in touch with Alan, an artist seeking the repair of a lighting controller he had for an art installation. He had already tried many leading companies but one (one of our clients) referred him to us. Alan had been on a quest to get someone to take on the work but given that the unit was an elderly custom built device from a university, it was not going to be easy.

Alan was looking to revisit his artworks and this one last saw service in America some 30 years or more prior, although it had been exhibited in UK & Europe previously. I fancied a challenge so I arranged to meet up with Alan and was shown the unit, beaten and battered sitting on a desktop still with a US plug top…

Light Movement, an art installation by Alan Smith

Effect delivered by the designed by
J.H. Paterson. Circa 1975
Renovation by Gary Morgan 2016

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