Since the foundation of Morban we have been commissioning Philips Dynalite systems. With commissions to both the commercial and residential sectors our expertise in lighting controls grew very quickly. Morban became the UK’s first fully qualified “Dimensions Dealer”.

The Dynalite product is built around a very solid communication protocol (DyNet) with all the load controllers, sensors and user interfaces being compatible with each other. This also means that the system is very scalable from the control of domestic 2 amp loads up to three phase 20 amp commercial loads. So in our case that means installations ranging from a single room in a residential property right up to shopping centres, university campuses and prestige hotels.

More recently with the advent of LED Dynalite have kept a pace by producing LED specific controllers providing very fine flicker free dimming control. Morban have been leading the way with this having domestic LED installations dating back to 2009 providing energy savings and no lamp changes over this time.

Our knowledge of the system made us very quickly realise that the system was not tied to just lighting controls. We have been able to integrate all sorts of things turning the humble light switch in to a very versatile item…

Levels of integration have included:-
• Multiroom Audio
• Heating
• Air Conditioning
• Curtains, blinds and window openings
• Security systems
• Gate Control

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