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Every client is different, every client has specific requirements on layouts, on costs and timescales and of course on functionality, the look, the feel and how the lighting complements and accentuates the structural design.

Morban provide an array of programming and commissioning services, direct to client or representing companies on site as part of their project delivery. Our engineers are highly experienced, smartly dressed people that understand the skills required in representing a clients brand with their client, they often wear branded apparel when required and deliver seamless efficient commissioning, on time, every time!

It is vital that the client’s requirements and settings are interpreted correctly and being designers of lighting 'moods' we always offer to add as much of our own considerable experience in scene setting as we can. When required we call in our own dedicated lighting designer to suggest light level combinations to optimise a space. Where possible Morban offer their design service prior to commissioning to ensure the correct light fittings, low energy luminaires and their layouts are specified. The lighting control systems that Morban provide, all deliver excellent control with energy saving, be it settings for light levels or auto off via sensors when rooms are not being used.

The commissioning process is based on the design of the lighting schemes and the operation, switched selections of scenes and auto scene setting based on time of day or light levels. We provide remote setting or customisation by the client via mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad and where Philips Dynalite systems are specified a management system called MapView that allows a complete view of an installation’s lighting channels their current function and even lifeing on luminaires. Our engineers provide advice and options for scene setting and their application and also button allocation for wall panels and layout design for touch panels where deployed. All types of control fall within our engineer’s portfolio, Leading and Trailing edge Dimming, Dali, 0-10 volt and DSI control plus relay and interfaces to emergency and other user input sources.

Morban's engineers are very proud of their heritage and their achievements as designers of lighting moods and scenes and their abilities to understand what the client wants and deliver this each and every time. But it doesn't stop there; we offer a range of post install support services so that if you do want to change a setting or have a failed ballast or luminaire, we are always there for you, on line with expert remote diagnostics and corrective solutions to on site responses as high as 4 hour 24x7 cover where required.

A Morban commissioned lighting control installation is always delivered on time, at the best price and with precise scene setting to the clients needs...

In addition we can provide bespoke service contracts to provide support on the lighting controls installed on your premises. Our contracts include companies in various sectors such as, hotels, universities, schools, residential, museums, theatres, conference centres, shopping centres, offices, etc.

We provide commissioning services too, or can commission products from...

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