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DPWE/DLPE Referb Kit

Morban have custom made replacement membranes for Philips Dynalite DPWE & DLPE lighting control panels. These are designed to restore button functionality where panels have become unresponsive to button presses. They are sold singularly, in pairs or in multiples of ten.

£20.00(VAT excl.) Add


Morban have custom made a thimble sensor to provide a modified DTS900 wall mounted temperature sensor with a means to remotely monitor the temperature. This allows the DTS900 to be mounted out of sight while providing a discrete method of sensing. We have used these in many of our domestic HVAC installations.

£50.00(VAT excl.) Add


A break out board to help in the programming, connectivity and testing of “Philips Dynalite” products. It is an ideal tool for any Dynalite programmer / commissioning

It also saves circa £50 on the cost of a Philips FFCPro programming probe almost paying for itself outright!

£60.00(VAT excl.) Add


This unit provides a low-cost and effective gateway between the Philips Dynalite lighting control network (Dynet) and the world of Ethernet. This in turn provides connectivity over wired and wireless IP networks within a LAN or WAN environment. The standard Philips Dynalite commissioning & control software (Envision Project / DLightII / DynamicTouch) can all be used but with the added advantage of potential offsite access.

£300.00(VAT excl.) Add
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