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Welcome to "DynaliteBOB" a break out board to help in the programming, connectivity and testing of "Philips Dynalite" products. It is an ideal tool for any Dynalite programmer/ commissioning engineer.

It offers 3 RJ14 ports to allow the connection of multiple products and daisy chaining of multiple BOBs (ideal for classroom training) as well as supporting through connectivity via the familiar Green Phoenix connectors.

A FFC ribbon port also provids access to the DyNet ports on DTP100 touchscreens and DR2PE panels without first having to remove the products. This saves the need to having to separately purchase a programming probe (FFCPRO) from Philips which at circa £50 almost pays for BOB!

In addition, a number of RJ14 cables are supplied allowing, connection to other RJ14 equipped devices, hard wired devices and devices with limited access to the Phoenix connector.

Two power supply options; A PP3 battery snap and a 12V plug top PSU allow the powering up of standalone devices for local programming and testing without having to disturb a live network.

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